Special events or courses

Beginners' course 2024 (6 classes): Our new beginner's class will start on August 19th, 2024. On six Mondays from 6pm to 7pm, you will be taught the fundamentals, the first road of our Taiji style and a bit of partner work at CARO (Friedrichshain - see location below). This course series constitutes a perfect introduction to Taijiquan practice and concepts. As a bonus, participants can enjoy the equivalent of a trial month and attend all other classes (qigong and partner work included) during the six weeks.
The class will be in German – and/or in English if needed.

Dates: Mondays August 19th, 26th, September 2nd, 9th and 23rd 2024.
Sign up through our booking tool or contact me here or per e-mail info[at]chenfamilygongfu.com

If you want to be notified of future classes, please go the contact page and sign up to the newsletter.

Regular classes

☯ Mon 6.30pm to 7.30pm - Taijiquan Basics
☯ Tue 5.30pm to 6.20pm - Qigong
☯ Tue 6.30pm to 7.40pm - Taijiquan (w/ individual practice)
☯ Thu 6.15pm to 7.30pm - Taijiquan (w/ individual practice
☯ Fri 5.30pm to 7.00pm - Tuishou

↓ See description below

Location: in CARO
Address (map): Erich-Nehlhans-Str.21, 10247 Berlin.

Taijiquan: Our taiji training usually includes all or part of the following: a short warm-up program, some awareness and movement training, qigong routines and the first form of our Chen-style taijiquan. Some partner exercises may be occasionally on the agenda. We are here focusing on solo work. The Monday class is for beginners, it is a "follow along" class with no time for individual practice. On Tuesdays and Thursdays some time is put aside for individual training. More on our training here.

Qigong: Qigong practice can be considered here as the more health-oriented side of Taiji, devoid of martial intention. Focusing on simple movement patterns and connecting them with the breath, you will be able to work on your proprioception and posture while improving sustainably your mobility and cultivating inner tranquillity. The class starts with a thorough warming-up phase, made up of many short exercises, bringing attention and care to all the main joints and body parts from head to toes, thus neurologically activating them before "connecting" the whole body.

Tuishou/Partner work: this is a taiji class dedicated to partner work, where you can put the skills acquired during solo work to the test. We apply Taiji principles to "push-hands" (tuishou) routines, exercises, form applications (yongfa) and formatted sparring. We aim to slowly build skills for self-defense and fighting, we are NOT fighting to build skills! those skills can only be developed within a safe training culture.

How can you start training with us?

You can book any class or a pass directly through our booking tool. Alternatively you can contact me in advance and pay per bank transfer (to: Antoine Richard - IBAN: DE73 5001 0517 5429 0539 61 - BIC: INGDDEFFXXX) with the reference "Taiji Berlin". You can also book through Paypal.

Trial month (flat): 30€ - book it here or through Eventbrite!
"Light" membership (once a week): 50€
"Normal" membership (twice a week): 60€
"Intensive" membership (flatrate): 70€
10-class Pass: 140€